Hello all!


My name is Kjetil Birtles and I created NorFX to make an industry magazine and online forum for the animation and visual effect scene in Scandinavia. The dream started in 2012 and by 2013 the first preview-magazine was printed. NorFX, which is an acronym for nordic effects, never reached a 40 pages which was the intention. This was because of lack of financial backing.

I still believe that the industries in scandinavia would be better with a magazine that shares information, stories, events, technology and so on, but allas, this is nothing I can finance myself. The response was great when I presented the magazine at Frame by Frame in Oslo, in the spring of 13, and a lot of people thought that this was just what the industry needed.

I’m not letting go of this idea, and I hope that one day the market will be ripe for such a magazine/forum.

Untill then this page will be a reminder of what I wanted to achieve.

Thank you.




P.S: If you want to contact me for business reasons, please feel free to mail me: Kjetilbirtles “@”